6 Months of Sweetness – Louisville Baby Photographer

There is something so wonderful about the 6 month age!  They are starting to be pretty mobile, but not walking yet.  There are lots of laughs and smiles and so much personality!  Mr. N here was no exception, let me tell you!  This baby was all personality and just wonderful!

The thing is, with this age, there is no prompting, it’s all natural.  You get what you get!  You can dance all over the place for smiles and if they aren’t feeling it, you won’t get it.  That makes it harder BUT it means that every singe look, each expression, is 100% genuine and I love that more than anything!  No cheesy smiles, just them, right there, in that moment.  For Mr. N it was just about Christmas time here in Louisville, so we decided on some Christmas inspired shots.  Nothing crazy mind, you just a few simple touches to celebrate the season.  6 month old baby on white bed

As you might imagine, baby N was a big fan of the wooden ornament balls!  In fact, once I broke them out, it was a little tough to take them back again.  🙂  Good thing Mom was there with some distracting kisses to lull him away from the amazing ornament fun he was having.

6 month old Christmas studio session

They really are such a lovely family!  I truly enjoy spending time with them in the studio.  Lots of smiles and laughter, you can just tell they are so happy.  It warms my heart to be around such happiness, especially when I get to capture both the little ones and the family together.  Time goes by so quickly and it’s just such a nice thing to do for both yourself and your children to freeze a few of these moments.  Just one image of any one of my children brings back a tidal wave of emotions and memories.

6 month old family studio session6 month old family session6 month old with big smiles in studio

My favorite images are always the simple ones.  No props, no crazy clothes, just sweet babies doing their sweet baby thing.  At six months old that means I get smiles, sitting up, sometimes rolling and crawling a bit, usually army style 😉 and of course pushing up and playing with their toes.  I can’t even tell you how much I love itty bitty baby toes!  Silly, I know, but those little features change so fast and they are simply so perfect.

6 month old baby in white onsie on fluffy rug

I love them almost as much as I love those adorable rolls!  I mean, look at this beautiful little guy!  He is just perfect!

simple 6 month old in onsie6 month old session with Christmas balls and twinkle lights

We finished with a full little Christmas card shot with the bokah lights.  I can easily say that Mr. N rocked his session, and the best part… I get to see him again in another three months!  I love my baby plan babies, I get to see them every few months as they grow and change and present gallery after beautiful gallery to their parents.  Tie it all together with an album and you’ve got the perfect collection of memories!  I did this with all of my children and I’ve never once regretted it!  They love looking through the albums with me!  In an era where we are all too guilty of having hard drives full of digital images lost in a sea of incoherent file names, it’s a pleasure to hand my clients a beautiful piece of art that they can hand down for generations and enjoy day in and day out!

There really is just something special about photographing children.  I can never decide who I love to capture more, newborns or children!  Luckily, I don’t have to decide!  🙂  Take a look at some of the other beautiful children I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  These are just a few of the beautiful children of the Louisville area.

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