A Beautiful Innocence

There is something so wonderful, so simple and innocent about a child.  I see it in my own children daily, but I adore studying those traits in others.  This beautiful little girl arrived in a very different state than you’ll see below.  She was nervous, shy and a little sad.  Her Grandmother was kind enough to arrange her photo session and was there by her side the entire time but children are wise beyond their years and are often wary of new people and surroundings.  We spent the first half hour walking around, looking at the pond and even playing on the swings before we took one picture.  As shy as she was at the start she brought forth in spades with her smiles and laughter at the end as she raced around the property.

Children laugh, play and dance free from inhibition and little Miss C was no exception.  She laughed and twirled around in her beautiful dress.  Those big round cheeks and gorgeous bright eyes, I found myself laughing the whole time too.  I didn’t have the opportunity to meet this little one as a baby but I can imagine what a sweet little newborn she was!  They grow and change so fast at these young ages, I love being able to capture those little bits of personality so her parents, grandparents, even her own children will be able to hold these memories in their hands.  It truly makes it all worth it!  This session was extra special, in fact I’m only sharing images from the second half because the first half is a surprise gift.  🙂  I love that!  How wonderful!

After all of that racing around there was a break for treats.  🙂  Sweets for a sweet little girl.  What a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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  • What a little doll she is! 🙂 Precious!

  • Oh my goodness that little girl in precious! Could her pigtails be any cuter? What a darling session!

  • What a wonderful story and what an amazing job you did turning shyness into smiles :). What a cute little girl.

  • She is too adorable!

  • Julie P

    Absolutely beautiful! Sweetest little girl.

  • This little cutie is a hoot. I love that dress.

  • love the 2nd image