A Christmas Card in the Making | Louisville Family Photographer


Meet my family.  As a photographer, pictures are kind of my thing.  🙂  So, as you might imagine I get a little over excited for things like Christmas cards.   This can get a little tricky since I have to be IN the picture I’m trying to take.  How do I do it?  I use what’s called the interval timer on my camera.  It’s actually a pretty cool little setting.  I can get my settings, set my camera up on a tripod and program it to take as many bursts of pictures as I’d like.  I know what you’re thinking… Yeah, simple, set it up and you’re on your way to Christmas card city.  ha ha ha, unfortunately it’s not quite that simple!  🙂  To paint a little picture for you, I walk over and arrange my family.  Then back to the camera to set it up to take my images, then I have to race back to the spot to be in the picture.  The grace that I imagine myself to have is somewhat lost when I’m working in this manner.  And then of course, there’s trying to keep the kids sitting perfectly while I’m smiling too.

Everyone did very well and definitely earned their gifts.  I’m not above a nice little bribe!  I wrapped real presents as props and told them that if they were very good they could open them at the end.  I’m pretty sure this was their favorite part!

I managed to get the entire session finished in less than 20 minutes!  With as many pictures as I take of my own family, they expect me to be on the ball!  It’s not easy, but it’s worth it to be in some of my own family pictures every once and a while.