A Mighty Fine Mess

It’s time again for a blog circle post. This month the theme is “mess” which couldn’t be more perfect for our house right now. When I first started thinking about this photography theme, I had many ideas, ultimately though, I decided to let real life reveal the mess for me to photograph. You see, it’s pretty cold here right now. In fact, it’s so cold and snowy that the kids have been off of school for three days with a weekend smack in the middle. We’re pretty cooped up right now and going a little stir crazy! So when I tried to think of something fun to photograph for mess, I simply picked up my camera this afternoon. When you’ve played with every Christmas toy and read every story, it’s time for a new game. Perhaps a game like, throw every blanket you can find into a big pile in the middle of the floor. Yup. Sure enough, there was the mess. Thanks guys! 🙂

Children playing in a colorful mess of blankets

They were so excited to invent their new game.  I stopped counting blankets when I got to 10.  With the cold wind wiping around the windows, and a fire crackling inside, I think this was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.Two kids play and snuggle in a tangle of blanketsSweet little girl with crazy messy hair in pjsBefore putting the camera down and letting them get back to their silly games I managed to grab one quick crazy hair shot!  Curly hair gets wild when you roll around in blankets and it cracks me up every time. It perfectly reflects her personality, in fact this whole game represents both of their personalities.  Silly, wild, caring and fun, just the right combination.  We’ll all be happier when the sun melts away the cold and we can return to our outdoor fun, but for now, we’re making due with our messy afternoons!

If you’d like to keep clicking through to see the other “mess” interpretations, the next up is Jennifer from Coco et Ellie.  She is one fantastic lady, trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

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  • That looks like an easy-clean mess, at least! 😉 What cutie pies!

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  • Your house looks way too fun! My Josie said she wants to go play there when she looked at your pictures. Love that silly, wild, caring and fun lifestyle.