Baby H | Louisville Newborn Photography

This is baby H.  He is just about the cutest little guy I’ve ever met, well, except for my own boys!  😉  As newborns go, he was a perfect subject.  He slept just about the whole time and sported the little pants and hat that I made like a rock star.  He is the first baby in his family and if you can believe it he’s graced his mother with some pretty good sleeping.  Of course, it’s easier for me to comment on that, as an outsider!  I love meeting new families.  I’m not going to pretend that having a new baby is easy, but there are so many beautiful little moments and I hope that when Mom and Dad look through these images in years to come they remember all of the little details that melt their hearts.  I often do this myself on the tough days, let myself get lost in a picture, so I can remember why I work so hard.

  • OMG!! He is one handsome little man! Just love those little rolls and his little outfit is adorable to! Great job!

  • he is just adorable! beautiful images!

  • He is adorable! I love his little lips!