Beautiful Maternity | Louisville Maternity Photography

Meet Mr. and Mrs. R. I am in awe of this amazing couple.  To say that they are beautiful is an understatement.  So happy and so in love, in love with each other and their new baby.  They laughed and joked as we walked around to various spots.  I love doing maternity sessions, especially with first time moms.  It’s been a while since I had my first baby but I can still remember that feeling of anticipation and excitement.  It makes me smile, even as I write this.

I believe that a mother’s love begins long before a breath is taken and continues forever, I really believe that.  I am continuously humbled by the moments I capture when photographing a new mother to be. You will never hear me say, gaze upon your belly with love.  The mere suggestion to look down at the baby creates a moment in which I am completely forgotten.  That perfect little moment, that will last forever in the back of your mind and is only truly shared by mother and child.

It’s hard to say that someone could be perfect, but there are a few times in our lives when beauty truly radiates from the inside out.  I believe pregnancy is one of those times.  No matter how tired or uncomfortable you are, you are about as close to perfect as you can be.

It’s a funny think to think that you’ll miss being pregnant once the baby arrives.  I don’t know if everyone feels that way but I know I did with each of my babies.  I think its because it’s the only time in our lives when our children speak only to us and we are listening constantly, without the noise of everyday life to get in the way of the message.

We captured these images just in time!  This sweet little guy was so excited to meet his parents that he came only a week and two days after I took these images.

Perhaps he just wanted to make sure he was in her arms to celebrate Mother’s day!