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This month’s blog circle theme is Family.  I struggled with this one a little bit.  Not because I didn’t have anything to photograph, actually quite the opposite.  There are so many things to capture when I think of family.  The thing is, my family, those that are the most dear to me, don’t fit into a pretty little mold.  The beautiful outdoor posed pictures, that’s just not us.  I’m not talking about extended family, although that’s not perfect either, I’m talking about the  little ones that I’m struggling to raise daily.  We moved to the Louisville, Kentucky area right before our children were born so from the time they were newborn babies we were on our own.  We have amazing families who would do anything to help us, they just live anywhere from 500 to 2,000 miles away.  As a result, we have to figure it all out on our own.  There are no last minute babysitters to call, or Mom’s to help with sick little ones, or just a stressed out me; it’s just us and all of our crazy!

You know what?  It’s great.  I love every second of our “crazy” little world.  So to capture family this month, I thought I’d bring you a little bit of that out of the mold world that I live in.  This is my family, at least the little ones in it.

This is us. Just us.  No posing, no planning, just us, in all of our silly glory celebrating the little things in life like bath time, or shower time in this case.  🙂

Next up is Stephanie from Lemonade Stand Photography, a truly amazing artist.  Head on over and see her take on the Family theme and while you’re there take the time to check out her work and tell her what you think!


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  • OMG… love these! Your children are so cute! This reminds me how much you can find enjoyment in just the little things in life! Great job!

  • This made me laugh so hard!!!! I LOVED your take on family. It’s so true to life and not much is more fun than chaos shower time.

  • AH! This is great! What a great representation of what your family looks like from day to day! 🙂

  • This is truly awesome, and couldn’t be more true to life. It’s nice to take time to capture those true moments.

  • OMG, they are so adorable! These would be perfect on the wall of your bathroom!

  • These are Fantastic! love this!

  • Ahh! These are so cute!! 🙂

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  • Oh My Goodness!!!! What a fun twist on the traditional bathtub pictures!! So Fun 🙂

  • Love your take on family, Jennifer! I seriously laughed out loud and your kids are absolutely adorable! Great images!

  • I absolutely love these images of your kiddos. So real and perfect – you have inspired me to do this with my own kiddos! Amazing!

  • OMG!!! These are awesome!! How cute!!

  • LOVE. That is all.

  • Brandy

    Now this is what you call “real life”, love it!

  • I love candid photos