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There is something so amazingly beautiful about maternity.  That closeness that you feel with your newborn baby before he or she even takes one single breath of air. Those soft (or not so soft) movements and the kind of closeness that only a mother knows.  I remember these feelings well and they are some of my favorite to capture.  You never forget those first kicks or hiccups, that conversation that you are having with your baby that means so much.  I’ve been working so hard to capture these moments, truly capture a visual image of those moments.  This softer look is how I see that wordless conversation between mother and child.  I’m so excited to share these images with you.

You know that soon to be newborn baby better than anyone in the world.  This is your time to learn about each other, speak in a language unknown to the outside world. Those feelings of love, and excitement, all of that hope and anticipation, those things can’t simply be bottled up, but they can be frozen in time in an image, to bring you back to that moment when you held the most important thing in the world, so close to your heart.

This is just a sneak peek into this beautiful session that I captured while working with the amazing Jenny Cruger out of Franklin, TN.  I am simply blown away from the beauty radiating from this stunning mother.  It’s the kind of beauty that you don’t always feel while pregnant, but is simply a reflection of all of the amazing and wonderful things that are happening; that perfect connection that you share with that baby.  That is what is I see, that is what you’ll remember.


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    These are beautiful!

  • What a beautiful mother-to-be. 🙂 *Almost* makes me want to do it again! 😉

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