Introducing Little Mr. I | Louisville Newborn Photographer

I’m very excited to introduce little Mr. I.  He is the second boy born into one amazing family!  Seeing parents interact with their newborn baby is an amazing thing.  I really don’t mean to sound cheesy but it truly warms my heart!  You can’t help but look at a new mom holding her baby and smile.  When I get the opportunity to work with siblings… wow, they just blow me away.  So much love and compassion from day one!  This session was no exception; big brother was so excited to help with his baby brother’s pictures.  He smiled and waited patently as I got everything ready for him and then gladly leaned down to give his baby brother a hug and kiss.  In fact, his older brother was such a character we got a little series of him with his daddy.

Between the two of them, these brothers gave me some fantastic expressions.  Most of the time during a session my newborns sleep soundly, but every once and a while I catch a brief moment of complete alertness.  Sometimes those images are even cooler than those sweet sleepy poses.  Of course, one of my all time favorite things are newborn yawns!  They yawn and stretch and are just so sweet as they scrunch up and adjust themselves.  Such an exhausting thing growing all day long!  Sweet, sweet boy!  <3  I have some more images from this session to post, but this will have to do for now!  🙂


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