Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

It’s that time again for another blog circle post.  This month’s theme is Refreshing.  There are many things that come to mind when I think about refreshing: an ice cold glass of water, a cool summer breeze or even that first bite into a fresh crisp apple.  However, when the weather gets hot at this house, the most common activity fitting a description such as refreshing, always involves a bathing suit and water.  So for this month’s blog circle theme, we pulled out the bathing suits and off we went for some pictures.  I’m not sure what I was more excited about, the shoot or the bathing suit.  I mean how can you resist a yellow polka dot bikini!  I’ve had the song stuck in my head ever since I bought it for her!  I love this little lady so much that I hauled buckets of warm water out to my shoot location, to make sure she’d be comfortable.

Despite the warm water, I had to work pretty hard to get her into the tub, but once she relaxed, she was happy as she could be. Anna found her little “pool” so refreshing in fact, that she didn’t want to get out.  I just love the expressions that children give you if you give them a little space and let them just be themselves.  I’ve found that if you push too hard for something, you’re usually met with resistance, but if you just relax and let go a little, the moments unfold before your eyes.  With our lives so often tightly wound, it’s an amazing thing to let go and watch a child for a while; the graceful innocence you will witness is truly (you guessed it 😉 ) refreshing.

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  • Ohhhhh my goodness! Your little dolly is precious. Love that itsy bitsy polka dot bikini with her chubby little toes sticking out of the water bucket. Such perfect refreshing moments.

  • robin s

    she’s too precious! and i love the tin bath!

  • Oh My Cuteness!! Love that little bikini!! Such great pictures and ADORABLE little one!!

  • Ashlyn

    Great pictures and blog post! Miss you all

  • Kate

    Love the bathing suit, and what a sweetie! You gotta frame that last photo!

  • Kim

    OMG… these are adorable. I water the water splashing! What a cutie!

  • These are beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous!

  • Erin Nisi

    Oh my a yellow polka dot bikini!!! These are beautiful and so is that adorable little girl!

  • Goodness! What fun is this! I love her grin!

  • Stacy Gilmore

    Love it!