Mr. J | Louisville High School Senior Photography

Oh my, meet Mr. J!  This session was an absolute blast.  Not a country boy based on zip code, but a country boy at heart, we ventured outside of Louisville proper into Shelby County to find some real countryside.  What a blast, I’m talking, old rustic tractors, wide open fields, Kentucky blackboard fencing and even horses!  We held nothing back for this one!  I love photographing high school senior boys because they always seem to surprise themselves.  Inevitably it goes something like this, they start out a little shy and apprehensive, we get going and then BAM, out comes the personality!  I LOVE it!   There’s nothing better than really capturing someone’s true personality.  High school senior sessions are perfect for this because they are completely styled to reflect all of those things that reflect that senior.  His Mom helped style his clothes, it was great, she brought a whole trunk full of options.  I know what you’re thinking, he’s a guy, he doesn’t need all that!  Honestly, it was great though!  Everything she brought reflected his personality in some way and all had to do was give us the thumbs up as we put things together.  He may end up a model some day, I expect he’s got other ambitions but you never know!  Either way, for now, we created an entourage just for him!

This session was great, J rocked the serious looks and even let himself have a little fun!  The horses were hysterical, they loved him, probably because he had a pocket full of carrots.  😉

I love planning senior sessions.  Whatever you have in your head, let’s make it happen!  I don’t know how they do it in other parts of the country, but here in Louisville Kentucky our seniors are rock stars!

  • Gretchen

    This session is awesome! Love it – too bad every session can’t have a tractor and a couple of horses!

  • Candy


  • Elena

    I love this, such a great variety and color choice!

  • These came out great!

  • What a handsome young man! Fantastic photos!