Perfect Baby A | Louisville Newborn Photographer

Meet sweet baby A.  Simple. Pure. Perfect.  At 7 days new she was as happy as can be, full of life, snuggles and sleepy sweet dreams.  I got to meet her Mom and Grandma during her session and it was an absolute pleasure.  I love hearing a Grandma gush about the newest tiniest grand baby because it’s always absolutely true.  She is perfect in every way and stunningly beautiful already.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more perfect skin on a newborn.  She slept for most of her session, only waking at the end for a few necessities.  When I spend my mornings with these little loves, I can honestly tell you it makes my heart sing.  This is just a quick glimpse into her gallery.  I will be sharing more later, but for now, here’s a little peek into her perfection.

I always wonder what these brand new babies are thinking about as the sleep away during their sessions.  Surely nothing but sweet, sweet dreams for this beautiful little thing.  These sweet little newborn girls make me think of the nursery rhyme that talks about what little girls are made of… sugar and spice and all things nice.  Yes, I think that’s just about right.  The problem with that rhyme of course is that those newborn boys are just as sweet.  The snakes and snails don’t come along until much later, and I think the girls get them too!  😉  Of course, not little baby A, she’ll be perfect her whole life, just ask Grandma!


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  • Beautiful images of a beautiful baby! I love these!

  • Thanks Destinee! She was such a beautiful baby!

  • These are beautiful, I hope to be this awesome one day.

  • Such gorgeous photos of this sweet babe! You have a gift for capturing these precious little ones!

  • Oh, how darling. Those pearls… so perfect!

  • Oh what a sweetie!

  • Geovanna Pierce

    Wow, your pictures are amazing! I had a question on one of your posts back in January. The tutorial of the knitted baby pants. I’m new at knitting and was wondering what stitch technique you used for the seams. Was it a mattress stitch?

  • nini1078

    I actually didn’t sew up the seams as methodical as a full mattress stitch, but you certainly could! I actually just came up with a new way to knit pants without any seams at all! I need to write up a tutorial about it, but I haven’t had a chance to yet. Basically any stitch that creates as invisible a seam as you can get away with is what you want. For me, because these are prop pants, I know I just need them to photograph well, I’m not worried about someone inspecting my seams when I’m just making them for myself! I hope that helps!

  • You’re so talented! Beautiful!