Robina |Louisville Kentucky Photographer

I’d like to introduce you to someone pretty special, Robina owner of Dream Dogs Behavior Solutions.  I am always inspired by people who follow their dreams and Robina is a prime example.  After 20+ years in corporate America she left it all behind to do what she was most passionate about.  Dream Dogs teaches communication between dogs and their owners.  Animals, especially dogs, love in a way that can often seem beyond comprehension.  The relationship can be so special that words don’t seem to do it justice.  Dream Dogs helps all owners to bridge the communication gap yielding a bond based on trust and understanding which results in a pet with good manners, self control and consistency.  As a dog lover myself, this relationship is near and dear to my heart!


A woman with many talents, Robina also uses her animals to assist others, training dogs for veterans and assisting in a local reading program for children.  


When she asked me to capture some images for her website, I was delighted.  When someone truly loves what they do, that love comes shining through in camera.