Sweet Siblings | Louisville Child Photographer

I remember my childhood well, building forts, inventing new games and racing home from school to get back to whatever my brother and I had been working on before we were torn away to the classroom.  I have two younger brothers and they were my best friends and worst enemies depending on the day!  I was sometimes jealous of my only-child friends, but mostly if you asked me honestly, I wouldn’t have given up my siblings for anything!  So, when I get the opportunity to photograph siblings, I can’t help but remember my youth.  I love to watch them interact, giggle together and look up to each other in their own ways.  These two were no exception.  Children aren’t very good at hiding their emotions in their expressions, and I love that! Whether they are feeling silly, or serious, I get it all.

Each time I have the opportunity to photograph children, especially older siblings I strive to capture the true nature of their character, both as individuals, and together.  I hope that some day, when they look back on these images, they remember how they felt about each other and the world at this time in their lives.  We all spin so fast and so often forget the innocence we once held dear.


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  • Great job! Love how these images have that fairy tale feel to them!

  • beautiful! love the images of them reading by the tree

  • These are just magical!