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I have three children age 5 and under. That statement is not meant to be anything more than exactly that, a statement of fact. However, with that fact you can infer a few basis things: I don’t usually get enough sleep, there is always something to do and by the end of most days I’m exhausted! So when my blog circle chose “Life” as our theme this month, I figured the best thing to blog about would be my very own life.

The thing is I kind of live in two different lives, or at first glance it seems that way. There’s the first version, the one that I keep in my head. It’s my dream life, not a dream in the ‘wow, I can’t believe I accomplished this’ kind of way, but the lovely pottery barn version of the life that I have. In this little world, everything is picked up and straightened and nothing is sticky! Oh, and there may or may not be birds chirping outside the windows as a soft breeze flutters through the open windows. Are you there with me? It’s quite nice, oh, I do like it there.

Then there’s real life which is quite a bit different. Things in this life are messy, there are toys everywhere and I’m positive there is definitely something sticky… somewhere.  In reality, I’m often tired, and stressed out and it’s hard to see past the mess.  The thing is, I’ve discovered something magical about this thing I call reality.

I’ve discovered that if I just tilt my angle, and stop focusing on all of the insignificant details, it’s really beautiful, this messy life that I live.  I can continue to go to my dream space when I really need to, but I’ve found that it’s much easier to see your life for what it really is and love it anyway.  After all, most of us can’t spend all of our time in our dream space and it’s terribly stressful to spend so much energy wishing for something different.

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  • Love these Jennifer! Photographing life as it really is 🙂

  • Love this! It’s so my reality too!

  • You are simply genius! I LOVE everything about this post. The dream life that we all envision and the reality of the crazy life we all live, but the blur image got me. You are a true artist, Jennifer!

  • Stephanie Schaefer

    I. Love. This. So perfect and hits super close to home for me too (as I type this with jelly still stuck to the top of my hand). Great post!!

  • i always love the messes from children in other peoples’ homes. you can see the life lived there is full of fun and love!

  • Couldn’t have said it better. This is truly beautiful Jennifer. I think we can all relate – and sometimes you just have to realize the little things don’t matter!

  • Erin Nisi

    Jennifer you are such a true artist. I am more and more amazed by you every day! You truly inspire me. This was absolutely perfect. Such a true capture on life!

  • Stacy Gilmore

    Love this reality check! Glad I am not the only one that wishes things were perfect. But I am learning all too fast that kids grow up quickly, and that is not what’s most important! 🙂

  • Kristi

    So very true to “life!”

  • OMG… love your interpretation. The last picture truly sees it all! Great job! I love the little peak into your life.. Make me feel like I need to do this….

  • This made me laugh. Oh so true!