• a note from the artist…

    There’s this thing that happens when I get behind my camera. Colors seem to come alive and I see the world as if in slow motion. They are both freeing and fleeting these moments of our lives, and they are our moments.

    Even before that first flutter of a tiny foot you heart is bound to your child. From those tiny newborn coughs and big yawns to the giggles and laughter of babies and children. Your family is your world. I know because mine is too. Children grow and change; they become young adults ready for their senior year in the blink of an eye. Somewhere in between the crazy are the memories, they live in the little spaces of calm in the storm that shape who we are and who we become. These are the things I see when I glimpse the world from behind my lens.

    I believe that life is hard, filled with both laughter and struggle. I believe that I will miss even the struggle someday and that perfection lies in the imperfect. I believe that my story is worth telling, and so is yours. Let me tell your story through my photography.

    ~ Jennifer

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