Child Photography


As I watch my own children grow I am reminded of the speed by which time passes.  I see it in each new word, every pair of pants outgrown, and every single bedtime snuggle where I find myself asking, will this be the last time they want me to sing to them while rocking them to sleep?  As a parent, I’ve recognized that this time in my family’s life is made up of the longest days and shortest years we will ever know.  Yet no matter how challenging the day’s activities may be, when I walk past the portraits of my children, smiling and happy throughout the years, I’m reminded of everything wonderful about each one.  My heart warms with love and I find myself breathing deeply, softening, and smiling, even through tears.  Our children become our whole world and inhabit our whole heart.  Of course, any parent will say, how could it be otherwise? Each image I capture, freezes a moment in time for a mom or dad who, on any given day may feel tired, happy, frustrated, annoyed, and overjoyed, sometimes all within a mere 5 minute span.  My approach to photographing children is very simple. I choose an area with beautiful light and capture them as they are, in that moment.  Children are my favorite subjects. They simply cannot be anything other than who they are, beautiful.  Hold on to it forever.

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Photographing the Louisville, KY area including: Louisville, St. Mathews, Lyndon, Hurstbourne, Anchorage, Middletown, Prospect, Crestwood, Jeffersontown, Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Taylorsville, Jeffersonville and Clarksville IN and surrounding areas.

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