A Little Green | Louisville Kentucky Child Photographer

I’m starting something new this year.  A blog circle.  What’s a blog circle,  you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you!  In this crazy photography world that I live in, I’m surrounded by other photographers.  Every once and a while we get together, even if it’s just in cyberspace, to have a little fun.  I know what you’re thinking, what could possibly be more fun than a bunch of photographers getting together!  ha ha ha, well you’re right, I love surrounding myself with people and things help inspire me.  So we’ll be doing it once a month.  I’ve banded together with a bunch of amazing photographers to challenge, inspire and learn from each other.  Each month we pick a theme and we’re challenged with creating a collection of images that represent that theme to us.  At the end of my post, I’ll link to the next photographer in our group.  Click through them all and see which one you like the most!  You’d probably make that photographers day by leaving them a comment and letting them know!  Ok, let the fun begin…

March’s theme is Green.  Green is the ultimate personification of March for me.  Well, either green or soggy!  Each year when I get to March I feel like spring is right around the corner and we’re often teased with a few amazingly gorgeous days only to be thrashed back to reality with a freak snow storm.  I like to think of the flowers starting to bloom, and the world coming back to life when I think of March.  After a winter of cooped up days, we’re all bursting at the seams to break free and enjoy the sunshine.  So much so, that it’s often difficult to wait for those nice days.  And why wait?  If you watch the world through the eyes of a child, you can see countless activities just waiting for you, even on a rainy day.

In an effort to capture the Green world of a Louisville Kentucky March, I spent the afternoon with a child.  Not just any child, my youngest child.  She’s 18 months old and she’s fast!  As a child photographer I have to be quick and patient and I promise you, if you let yourself do just that in any given situation,  you can capture some amazing moments.  After all, it doesn’t take too long before a child will become completely enwrapped in their surroundings.

This, for me, is green.  Boots, a rain-jacket, drizzling rain, fresh spring flowers, and a muddy field with bits of new growth popping out through the dead winter landscape.  And last but not least, the giant smile of a child released into the world to explore a new season.

Please click on to see the other amazing photographers in my group and decide for yourself if any of us captured Green the way you see it.  Next up Robin with Picsy Photography and her take on Green.

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  • Stacy Gilmore

    Looks like she had a fun time! 🙂

  • Aww – I love the horizontal one with the daffodils by her mouth – cute! 😀

  • Robin Hansen

    Stunning images! The first one needs to be blown up large on a wall. The determination in your little ones face to grab that boat is priceless. Gorgeous work capturing those active ones on the move. Not an easy task!

  • i LOVE her outfit! and the pic with the boat sooo adorable! i LOVE the one with her back to camera and it shows the flowers.

  • Erin Nisi

    I love the way you have captured green. These images are beautiful and I am in love with her raincoat!!!

  • Britneye Ladner

    Loved it! Her smelling the flowers is priceless!

  • Carrie

    Omg love these. 1st one definitely needs to go in the wall!

  • These images are adorable! The paper boat just makes me smile!

  • Love those yellow flowers! Cant wait to come to Louisville to meet that sweet baby of yours and take lots of fabulous pictures together 🙂

  • Oh, that boat is just the perfect touch – love it!