Today I’m going to introduce you to someone awesome.  Meet Jordan.  You might just want to remember his name because you’ll be seeing it again someday.  Jordan is about to graduate from Manual and he is beyond amazing.  All you have to do is get him talking and you will be blown away by his passion and intelligence.  I love meeting high school seniors because they are just overflowing with possibility.  It’s impossible to know your exact path, and while many have a pretty good idea which direction they are headed it’s just so awesome to see the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with the start of the journey.

Jordan will do great things, and I can’t wait to see what they are, but today, he’s celebrating the end of his high school journey.  So this is him, no more, no less, than everything that he should be.  It is an honor and a privilege to share a glimpse into this young man’s life with you today.


If you’d like to see a some more of the crazy awesome Louisville Senior’s I’ve had the opportunity to work with, feel free to check out my High School Senior Gallery!  Or for a more personal introduction you can scroll through some more Senior Portrait Sessions here in the blog.  Just remember, each session is tailored to that specific senior.  No two will be exactly alike, and what we create for your session just might top them all!  🙂

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