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The bond of friendship often starts at a very young age.  Friends teach us to share, love and how to be truly selfless.  They also push us to greatness, helping us see who we really are and what we can be.  True friendship is  a great blessing and when it begins at a young age, as with brothers, it’s a joy to watch.  These boys are both best friends and worst enemies, although the plight of an enemy at this age is almost comical!  When my blog circle presented friendship as a theme for the month of September I thought about the things I might photograph.  Ultimately though, when I think of friendship these days, I think of these boys.  Their childhood days may be numbered but their friendship will last a lifetime.

What started as a fishing inspired session quickly took a delightful turn.  I can’t ask for anything better than laughter, natural expressions and pure joy, what more could express the friendship these boys share?

Just before I put my camera away the sun popped up over the trees and beamed across the pond.  As happy as their faces look, I was wearing the bigger smile. They will grow quickly and likely loose interest in the simple things but for right now, in this very moment, they are full of energy, life, innocence and friendship.

Don’t forget to keep clicking through!  My friend Kate’s up next with her interpretation of friendship this month! 


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  • What fun! They look like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn!

  • This almost makes me tear up with all these sweet photo’s <3 so much!

  • robin s

    love their energy and playfulness together! you captured the light perfectly to!

  • Seriously, I know it might be to lack of sleep, but I’m an emotional mess reading through these posts today. Gorgeous images, as always, and beautiful boys! How special that you have these of them!!

  • Pure joy is right! LOVE everything about this session with your boys. You will cherish these images forever. Beautiful work as always, Jennifer!

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  • Kayla

    Absolutely gorgeous images! I love these!

  • Absolutely amazing pictures, Jennifer! I love them all and my smile also got bigger when your last image came across the screen…

  • This is absolutely precious. As a mom I am envious of the organic moments you captured of your boys! I am an only child so my wish for my girls is to be best friends and I can certainly tell from your post your wish is the same for your beautiful boys!

  • Jenny Benner

    Precious! You are an incredible photographer and your kiddos are so sweet and adorable!

  • So stinking cute!

  • Great shots! How awesome that they were so happy and playful, these are delightful!