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This month’s blog circle theme is “celebrate”.  When we picked this theme, way back in the beginning, I assumed that July and Celebrate would be a no brainer.  However, the 4th came in a cloud of storms, with rain and lightening and I didn’t get a chance to capture what I’d intended.  Then life happened, as I suppose it always does.  The difference is that this month, that standard life stuff came with a huge smack in the face, as I deal with the loss of a very dear friend.  The news came at perhaps the best and worst time, right before we left on our family vacation.  I didn’t really intend to participate this month, it just didn’t seem fitting.  Then when I least expected it, I found those little things worth celebrating all around me.  Sometimes the things we plan for don’t come to fruition, at least not in the way we intended, but with each twist and turn that life presents to us, there are things worth celebrating.  Focusing on those little things, that are sometimes overlooked, can pull us back from  a sadness that can often be consuming.  So this month, I’m celebrating those little things, for myself, for my family and in memory of my friend.

These little memories that I’ve shared today represent my children’s view of the ocean for the first time on our vacation.  I witness these first moments again and again, as each day that we greet the ocean, their eyes grow wide with excitement, their voices fill with laughter and they celebrate all that life has presented to them.  As I watch them live, in the only way that they know how, my heart celebrates each moment with them and together we are free.

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  • beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  • Ashlyn

    So sweet, well written and photographed perfectly…as always!

  • Beautiful…. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Gorgeous!!

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  • Absolutely breathtaking!

  • What a touching way to capture this month’s blog theme. Your well thought out words and stunning images had me tearing up as I scrolled through your post. You are so very talented, Jennifer.

  • robin s

    what life filled, awe-inspiring pictures! though i am so sorry for your loss.

  • Gretchen

    These images are stunning, Jennifer – thank you for reminding us all what to treasure.