A little more of Baby J | Louisville Newborn Photography

I posted a couple of sneak peek pictures of this little guy a bit ago but I wanted to share some more from his session.  He’s probably already grown by leaps and bounds by now!  As most parents know, and new parents find out all too quickly, they only stay tiny for a moment.  A moment, that can feel like a lifetime, if they aren’t sleeping!  (sorry, speaking from personal experience there for a minute 😉  )

That short while when they are so tiny and sleepy is simply so special.  I love getting the chance to capture those tiny little toes and hands all curled up and sleepy.  No matter how long the nights were, I can gaze into the images of my own children for hours and remember with warmth and love, those first few days.

Ahhh, I digress, back to baby J!  He was such a perfectly sweet little guy.  It’s funny, every time I write something like that, I truly mean it… but then I think, are they every not perfectly sweet? Of course, the answer is no, but I guess that’s why I love newborns.

As usual, we did a number of different setups for him, including this next little one designed to match his nursery.  I like to try to keep things simple, but I love the idea of composing an image that will display perfectly on a client’s wall.

They are such a sweet little family. When I moved to this area, gosh, it’s been 7 or 8 years now, I knew that I’d feel right at home, and the people I meet every day are just such a testament to that, friendly, kind and caring.  Baby J, welcome to the world; you live in a lovely place!

  • OH my lanta!! How gorgeous are these?!

  • LOOOOVE THESE! Especially the nose-to-nose with Mommy!

  • robin s

    u are simply amazing at what you do!

  • Aww how precious! I love the posing!

  • He is just too precious! And I love the shot of him with dad!

  • beautiful newborn photos

  • You are just wonderful! These are perfection.