Room To Breathe | Louisville Child Photographer

I grew up in the country, so I’m no stranger to wide open spaces however, there’s something amazing about a clear Kentucky sky.  We jokingly refer to them as “Simpson’s skies” here in my house because they are almost cartoon like.  I don’t know what it is that brings on the clear blue sky and huge fluffy white clouds but we definitely didn’t have skies like this in Maryland… it’s probably too close to the pollution of Washington DC and Baltimore.  Regardless, it’s one of the things that I’m thankful for in this beautiful state, and while we don’t have skies like this every day, I always notice when we do.

This month our blog circle’s theme is “Air” and when I think of air this time of year, I think of the clear blue Kentucky sky, rolling fields and well, room to breathe.  We are lucky enough to live outside the city of Louisville with space for my children to run and play and just be kids.  So I choose to make this month’s blog circle post a little fun and took my oldest to one of those rolling fields to capture some of that beautiful big sky.

It’s hard to believe but it’s all real, no cloud overlays on these images!  You can probably tell by these pictures that super heroes are the theme in my house right now.  It wasn’t hard to convince him to help once I told him that he could keep his cape on.   I have to admit though, when I envisioned the picture above, I was thinking he might be able to jump a little higher!  🙂  Oh well, I love the effort!  He’s definitely a super hero in my book!

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  • Perfection! The clouds and your super hero capture air perfectly!

  • Tami Fosher

    Love love LOVE this!! beautiful images Jennifer!

  • Love the clouds, and love the last photo!!! I know, I swear the kids save the biggest leaps for when we’re *not* trying to photograph them! 😀

  • Kim

    You are NOT kidding about the clouds! Beautiful skys. Love the little super hero!

  • Love these images and how you beautifully captured the sky and clouds! Gorgeous!

  • robin s

    these are AMAZING! omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one! what a beautiful sky! and the pictures and your son omg WOW!

  • These are gorgeous! They look like fine art paintings but better because of the super cute super hero stealing the show. Now I want to move to Kentucky so you can photograph my child!

  • Erin Nisi

    Jennifer I am always excited to see how you interpret each month. Your work is stunning and so inspiring. I love your adorable superhero!

  • Gorgeous!! Love your little super hero!