Simply Stunning Victoria – Louisville High School Senior Photographer

There is just something about photographing High School Seniors!  I’m telling you, they are just so much fun!  When I first moved to Louisville Kentucky I was told by “outsiders” that Kentucky had some of the most beautiful girls in the world.  The thing is, they, whoever they are, were right because I’ve had the chance to meet some of them!

For this session, and I’m going to preface this by warning you this is only a sneak peek of her session, we headed south of Louisville to Bardstown.  It was a stormy dramatic day which was just perfect for the kind of images she was looking for.   We ‘hit the streets’ of Bardstown and found some amazing spots!  This girl rocked every single one.  Honestly, she was a natural, and what a beauty, just like her Mom.  🙂

Regardless of the time of year, I love to get some color into my images and nothing trumps fall for color!  Everything was alive and vibrant in this cute little town.

We raced around from spot to spot looking for interesting architecture and foliage, we only jumped one fence for “that shot” we just couldn’t pass up!

Before the light disappeared we packed up and raced over to Bernheim Arboretum for some stellar shots.  When she told me she was super excited about the stormy weather I had a specific shot in mind and I just couldn’t wait to set her up for it!  We started out with some simple images to take advantage of both the beauty of the season as well as her natural smile and then found a field.

This is the field shot!  “the shot” that I pictured.  The dark clouds in the background, her hair blowing in the wind (no wind machine needed LOL) and her stunning dress blowing around her legs.  She was fierce to say the least.

As if she walked straight out of the next big TV series, she owned this shot.  So yes, I absolutely believe what they say, Kentucky girls are beautiful, especially over here in Louisville.  Stunning, smart and ambitious, I can only imagine what she’ll accomplish after high school!


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