Springtime In Louisville | Louisville Family Photography

Meet the G Family.  I meet a lot of people in this profession, it’s actually one of the things I love about my job!  Most people are looking for an excuse to smile and laugh, all you have to do is lead them to it.  These guys though… they were already having fun when they arrived.  At almost 2 years old, their son wasn’t quite sure he wanted to give me big grins, but after a while, he just couldn’t help himself.  Two is a tough age to photograph, you never know what you’ll start out with.  But this little guy, even while being shy, was incredibly sweet.  He loved the flowers but wanted to give them to his mother the entire time.  Perfect, just perfect!  I’d been waiting all winter for the spring flower sessions and it was worth the wait!  Louisville has an amazing spring if you can fight through the rainy days.  Winter can bring about some amazingly picturesque days but I can’t help myself, I love the color of springtime.

  • beautiful family photos

  • Love these pictures! Gorgeous family! I am in love with the first one!!!

  • Omg the light and the colors there! So beautiful, such nice work! Great pics