Trouble Times Three | Louisville Newborn Photographer

As a mother of two boys, I know all about trouble!  Not necessarily trouble in a bad way, but the standard trouble that boys bring to a family.  (Let’s just pause for a moment here.  I know what you’re thinking and yes, I know full well that girls can do the same!  😉  I have one of those too!  For today, however, we’re talking about the boys!) As frustrated as I can get with my sweet boys, I have to admit that this kind of trouble is my favorite kind!  Muddy shoes, forts and races on their big boy bikes down the steep hill (cringe!).  It’s wonderful though, isn’t it?  They are best friends, or best pals as they refer to themselves.  I have a special place in my heart for brothers, so when I met little Mr. J, the youngest brother in a family of boys I had to smile.  I smile thinking about the trouble these boys will get into, and I smile when I think about the laughter that will follow.

Little baby J is so tiny, so perfect, it’s hard to imagine him racing around the house with a bucket on his head, or using his pillow case as a cape but some day, some day, he will follow his brothers to the ends of the earth should they so command.   For right now though, it’s nothing but possibilities for this little guy.  So, it’s my absolute pleasure to present to you this tiny sweet newborn, the youngest of three brothers, born into a family full of love.

  • LOVE the image of mama and baby at the bottom. What a treasure!

  • Oh, these are awesome photos! Mom is sure to love them! Great work!

  • Beautiful family! I love when mommies get in the photos too. 🙂

  • Loving all these newborns… Gorgeous work, Jennifer!

  • Great family shot and GREAT mom and baby shot!

  • Very sweet family 🙂

  • What a beautiful session, and family! My favourite is the very last picture. This family is very lucky to have had you as their photographer! Beautiful work!

  • Your work is simply amazing. I love all of it. So much consistency. I really adore your outdoor sessions, the tones, light, airy feel. Just perfect.